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Get Your First Electronic Funds Transfer from the France and Italy On Us!

Transfer Funds Across the World for 0€ Fees*

With MoneyGram, your first online money transfer from France and Italy is just 0€ fees.* Get our best currency exchange rates with no transfer fees when you send using a bank account of debit card.

Send money, wire funds and remit currency to over 200 countries and territories with just a few clicks from your countries’ MoneyGram website (France, or Italy)  or in a few taps in the easy-to-use MoneyGram® : Send Money Online app. All you have to do is create an online profile, tell us where you’re sending, how much you want to send and pay with a debit card or bank account.

Take advantage of convenient receive methods for your loved ones like cash pickup at a MoneyGram location closest to your family, direct transfers to bank accounts, debit cards, mobile wallets and more when send electronic funds transfers (EFTs) with MoneyGram.

Plus, with our best currency exchange rates, your friends and family will receive more of what you send from France or Italy, every time.

Ready to get started? Download the MoneyGram® : Send Money Online app for free, or visit us online today at MoneyGram Online France or MoneyGram Online Italy.

*Online only. In addition to transfer fees, a currency exchange rate, also determined by MoneyGram, may also apply. MoneyGram may also make money from currency exchange. When selecting a money transfer operator, carefully compare both transfer fees and currency exchange rates. Transfer fees may vary depending on the amount being transferred and the delivery method. Transfer fee and currency exchange rate may be subject to change by MoneyGram without notice.