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6 Ways You Can Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Friends and Family

Celebrate Your Roots this Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is a wonderful time to celebrate and feel proud of your roots.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, gather your loved ones for great food, powerful learning experiences and more with these activities:

Pick Up a Good Book

  • Visit your local library and look for literature from empowering Hispanic authors like Isabel Allende, Juan Felipe Herrera, Gloria Anzaldua and Carlos Fuentes.

Explore Hispanic History and Celebrations

  • See if a museum near you is hosting a Hispanic heritage exhibit or event.
  • Listen to a TED Talk and learn why Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated.

Try Some Hispanic Cuisine

  • Support local Latin restaurants and bakeries.
  • Try making your own at home!

Take a Dance Class with Friends and Family

  • Introduce your loved ones to Latin dance styles like salsa, pasodoble and Argentine tango.

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