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Lunar New Year: Great Money Transfer Offer!

Wishing You Prosperity & Good Fortune this Lunar New Year

This Lunar New Year, keep the tradition strong with easy and reliable money transfers. MoneyGram has over 80 years of money transfer experience and connects millions of people around the world.

With MoneyGram, you can get your first international money transfer to your loved ones this Lunar New Year for just $0 fees* when you pay with a debit card or bank account online.

Send money on a robust worldwide network with over 200 countries and territories in just a few taps in the MoneyGram® app or on our homepage.

Take advantage of reliable and convenient receive methods for your loved ones like direct transfers to bank accounts, mobile wallets or for cash pickup.

Plus, you always get more of what you send back home with our great exchange rates.

Here’s how you can get your first transfer for $0* today:

  1. Create a profile in the MoneyGram app or online.
  2. Select the receiving country and enter how much you want to transfer.
  3. Choose either debit card or bank account as the payment method, a receive method and send!

With 80+ years of money transfer experience, you can rely on us to get your money to the right place this Lunar New Year.

“I love using the app. So much easier to send my family money. Quick and easy.” - Min

Start your easy transfer back home today.

Disclaimer: *A currency exchange rate may apply. MoneyGram makes money from currency exchange.