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MoneyGram Shares the Joy of Ramadan with Our Users and Their Loved Ones

We recently gave away 5,000 € to 12 loyal MoneyGram users as a thank-you for sending money with us during Ramadan.

From Spain to Pakistan, France to Tunisia and lots of other money transfers between loved ones around the world, these senders got to split 10,000 € with their receivers during Ramadan. Read about a few of the families below!

Kashif Ashraf, a Pakistani citizen in Spain, sent his family money during Ramadan. He's getting married at the end of the year and is planning to use his money for the wedding and honeymoon, while his younger brother, Hassan, will use his half to help pay for his studies.

Sofiane Benji, a Tunisian based in France, sent money to his mother and sister in Tunisia every month to help them access necessities. He's planning to use his money for professional training, while his mother will use it to help her daughter.

Hamid El Moktari, a Moroccan residing in France, sent money to his nephew to help his village back home. Hamid plans to use his money to help his village, and his nephew will use his half to open a café.

At MoneyGram, we love supporting families like the ones you've read about above with our fast, easy and reliable money transfers. You can send money online or at one of our 430,000+ locations around the world today.