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Now Offering Expanded Send-to-Account Service in Peru from the US and Canada

NEW! Send money to bank accounts in Peru

New! We offer direct transfers to all major banks in Peru. Your money goes further with our expanded send-to-account service in Peru from the United States and Canada. 

Thanks to our ever-growing agent network, you can send money to Interbank, BCP, BBVA, Scotiabank, Pichincha and many more banks worldwide 24/7 online or on the MoneyGram® app.

Our fast and convenient bank account transfers let your family and friends skip the line at the store and receive funds directly from the comfort of their homes. 

Send money back home in just a few easy steps:

  1. Register or log into your MoneyGram profile on our app or website.
  2. Select Peru as the receiving country, PEN currency and enter how much you want to transfer.
  3. Select “All Banks” as the receiving method and send!