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Our Cybersecurity Plan Is All About Our Customers


Cybersecurity Plan Our Cybersecurity Plan Is All About Our Customers Are cyberattacks a concern for your business? They should be. However, an alarming number of companies fail to make cybersecurity ... of companies fail to make cybersecurity a priority. Many small businesses feel that they are too insignificant to be a viable target. Others fail to implement a reliable, multi-tiered strategy that encompasses ... by investing in a robust security program that also serves as an integral part of our company culture. That means moving beyond the mindset that cybersecurity simply involves installing antivirus

Data Privacy Week 2022


Blog.MoneyGram.com Protect data with MoneyGram, the Data Privacy Week champion. Discover cybersecurity, online and financial security, personal data protection, and digital transactions. Yes Today marks the start of " Data Privacy Week ," an international effort led by the National Cybersecurity Alliance (NCA) to empower individuals and businesses to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust ... , malware and other online threats. To learn more about Data Privacy Week as well as additional steps you can take to protect yourself, please visit the National Cybersecurity Alliance's website

Back to School: Here’s What You Need to Know about College Identity Theft


1_News_and_Promotions|2_Innovation|2_Innovation~Technology|2_Innovation~Partnerships|3_Security|3_Security~Privacy|3_Security~CyberSecurity Back to School, College Identity Theft, Send Money Transfers, MoneyGram Money Transfers, School Money Transfers, MoneyGram Cybersecurity, MoneyGram https://blog.moneygram.com/college-identity-theft.html College Identity Theft Learn more about college identity ... Cybersecurity, MoneyGram MoneyGram Cybersecurity MoneyGram

We’re Introducing a New Security Feature


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We’re Not Anti-Customer – Just Anti-Fraud


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