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4 Ways To Celebrate Ramadan No Matter Where You Are In The World

Reflections on What's Most Important This Ramadan

Reflections on What's Most Important This Ramadan

Ramadan is a reminder of how far away your friends and family. Ramadan is an opportunity to reflect on what matters most and how your journey across the world is helping support your friends and family back home.

Here are four ways to celebrate Ramadan, with your loved ones far away.

1. Light some lanterns together.

Pick a special place at your home and your loved one's homes to place a lantern. Place a video call to light the lanterns together, pick a special day during Ramadan or every night at the same time.

2. Give money or time generously.

Whether you pick a cause in your new community or your old community, charity and giving are important aspects of Ramadan. You can give money or time - and if you pick a local cause to give time to, you could celebrate Ramadan with others near you.

3. Teach your friends and neighbors about Ramadan traditions.

Sharing the joy of the holiday with them can be a great way to make new connections. As you prepare iftar, make a little extra to share with your neighbor and explain what and why you're sharing.

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