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MoneyGram® Money Transfer Tips for Single-Name Customers

MoneyGram® Money Transfer Tips for Single-Name Customers

Don't have a first and last name? Here are some helpful guidelines on how to enter your information for a single-name money transfer online.

MoneyGram is always working to make our online and app experience as seamless as possible, but we recognize that though our systems ask for a first and last name when you create a profile and send money, not everyone has both.

If you or your receiver only have one name listed on your ID, follow the steps below to ensure the identification gets verified:

  • In the First Name field, type single name customer
  • In the Last Name field, type you or your receiver's single name
  • Ensure the Last Name field exactly matches the single name listed on the ID

Also, keep these top tips in mind when entering your name to ensure a smooth transfer:

  • Only characters and spaces are accepted in the name fields
  • Apostrophes (') and dashes (-) are accepted characters
  • Forward slashes ( / ) and backward slashes ( \ ) aren't accepted characters

Have any other questions about how to enter a single name online? Our friendly customer care team is always here to help. 

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