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MoneyGram Vegas Dream Weekend Winner!

Thank you to all who entered the Vegas Dream Weekend Giveaway and answered, “What drives your dreams?”

We are pleased to announce Sami K. as the Vegas Dream Weekend Giveaway winner!

Sami brought his mother, Huong, as his guest, and they enjoyed an incredible weekend in Las Vegas for their first Formula 1 race. Read more below from Sami:

MoneyGram Las Vegas Winner

What drives your dreams? Ultimately, what keeps me going and motivates me is my family. Seeing everything that was sacrificed from both sides of my grandparents. Also, for my younger siblings.

Why did you decide to bring your mom as your guest? My mom and I have been so close. We do everything together. F1 has brought us closer together… it’s so cool what a sport can do. She’s enjoyed every second of it… even shed some tears from just hearing the cars go by.

How long have you been an F1 fan? I’ve been an F1 fan for 15 or 16 years. It started with me going over to my aunt and uncle’s house over the weekends and watching races with them wearing a Lewis Hamilton replica helmet.

What were your favorite moments from the weekend? All of it. Definitely qualifying, the race, the whole experience, the food. Meeting everyone, seeing everything, being in the garage.

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