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The Great Expectations of Crypto for Cross-Border Payments


, particularly considering the complexities of converting crypto to/from fiat currencies. With respect to the cost to send money, sending remittances from the U.S. to El Salvador, an essential service for many, is very inexpensive - especially in comparison to current crypto exchange fees. In fact, when using MoneyGram to send $400 USD from the U.S. to El Salvador, our current pricing ... of cryptocurrencies are technologically exciting, we must not dismiss the economic risks and challenges the people in countries like El Salvador face. According to the AP, remittances in El Salvador

Send Money Online to a Visa® Debit Card


minutes or less-24 hours a day, 7 days a week.* Best of all, they won't need to go wait in line to get their money. Available in the following countries: USA Czechia Spain El Salvador

MoneyGram and Stellar announce Cash to Crypto/Crypto to Cash Partnership with Zero-Fees for the First 12 Months.


with Stellar, eyes wallet deal in El Salvador COINTELEGRAPH: MoneyGram's USDC transfer service launches in several countries protocol:  Getting money into crypto is still too hard. Stellar